FULLTONE – Fulldrive 3


FULLTONE – Fulldrive 3

Fulltone-exclusive “Order switch” which places the Boost channel either before or after the Overdrive section of the circuit: After takes whatever sound you have set and increases the Volume so you pop out of the mix. Before pounds the input of the Overdrive channel and increases the distortion, there’s not a substantial increase in volume…which is more like the FD2.


9-18V DC

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FULLTONE – Fulldrive 3

The FD2 has been a tremendous hit since it came out in 1993. But when you want to expand on it and create the ultimate overdrive/boost pedal, which accomplish with the Full-Drive3.
Although it may look similar tot the FD2, the FD3 is a much more evolved and natural-sounding design offering a vadst array of both clean and distorted tones.Unlike its cousing, the FD3 uses both a JFET input and a JFET opamp, which helps give it the most tube-lkike sound you can get out of a tubeless pedal. Along with great sound, these JFET’s give the FD3 an ultra-high impedance which allows the pedal to mate with any type/vain of pickup and react extremely well to changes in your guitar’s volume control.

Input impedance: 1.1 megaOhms
Output Impedance: 180 Ohms
Dimensions: 5.17″Wx 4.26″Dx2.36″H
Weight: 1 lb 7 oz.
Power Consumption: maximum 13 milliamps with both channels on