Build your own JTM plexi 18watt course


Amp-Kit Plexi 18 Watt

Amp Kit 18 Watt Plexi Style with ca. 18 watt power. 2 channels, tube rectifier and 3 band tone control (Treble / Middle / Bass) à la JTM45.

A jewel with a huge fan community for this is a perfect club-bands-amp playing real rock- or blues at reasonable loudness but with a big fat tone.

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Power: ca. 18 Watt
Impedance: 4,8,16 Ohm
Tubes: 3x ECC83 WA, 2x EL 84-STR pair, 1x EZ81

Extra informatie

Tolex Colour

Black tolex, Blond tolex

Dates of Course

Sa 7, 14 and 21 September 2019